Támogasd adód 1%-ával a klubot!


There are no cyclist and no car drivers: we are convinced there are only road users! Safety is ensured when all road users pay attention to each other, no matter what mode of transport they happen...

VOCA Budapest meeting - 2013. április 18. - 21.

The programs and events we organized in frame of the European Mobility Week 2011 had quite a huge success.

One of Europe's largest music events, the Sziget Fesztivál, starts next week on Hajógyari (aka Óbudai) Island.

Between April the 4th and 26 year 2011 the police will conduct road use controls to improve the general safety of cycling. 

The Hungarian capital has been undergoing a bicycling renaissance over the last half decade. However, there is no measurement data that demonstrates this. The country's first bike counter responds...