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Hungarian Cyclists’ Club: Common summary for secure cycling

Between April the 4th and 26 year 2011 the police will conduct road use controls to improve the general safety of cycling. 

Between April the 4th and 26 year 2011 the police will conduct road use controls to improve the general safety of cycling. This announcement was done today by the general police representative in several newspapers. At the same time, Lászlo János the president of the Hungarian Cyclists' Club, spoke about the importance to increase the number of cycling trips and remind us general collective safety tips. „Let's share the road” „Let's move together” „Collective transit” Common summary for secure cycling. Police department – National accident-preventive organisation – Hungarian Cyclists' Club Common message.

  1. Let's be comrade and cooperate. Transportation is not a battle. Transportation can be done by foot, with bicycle or any other vehicle, those modes are all partners. Our common interest an duty is to help mutually each other, Our transports should not jeopardise, wantonly block or make difficult any other one trips.
  2. It is important and useful that more and more people use bicycle as a transport tool. The more bicycle there is, the more road users will notice them, it results in a decrease of the number of grave cyclist accident. During the last 4 year in Budapest the average number of daily cyclist has doubled but the number of grave accident remain stable.
  3. Don't forget, the bicycle is also a vehicle. The conductor of a bicycle is equal to other road users. Its rights and obligations are written in the traffic rules book. KRESZ
  4. Protect the vulnerable streets users. Every road users should care for weaker comrades. The car users must take care of more fragile users such as pedestrians or cyclists. Cyclists as well must pay attention to slighter streets users.
  5. Side-walks are for pedestrians. Cyclists are just guests on pavement. They must not jeopardize legitimate users and only use such facilities if there transport capacities is threaten on the road.
  6. Use lawfully the one-way street. Only use one-way streets in the opposite direction to the general circulation if the appropriate road sign exists. In those streets every users should pay greater attention to their environment.
  7. Shine to be seen ! Lights are not fashion or shame. Lights and cataphote are mandatory on every bikes. Thanks to those items other streets streets users can see cyclists before and better, they increase general safety.
  8. Inquire ! If you wonder about any cycling relative question visit the Hungarian Cyclist Club website or download an informative review. (kerekparosklub.hu/kisokos), or accident-preventive website( baleset-megelozes.eu or new traffic rules website kreszvaltozas.hu