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Bike to Work

Cycle to Work began in 2007, organized by the Ministry of Economy and Transport. The Hungarian Cyclists’ Club took over in 2008, running yearly Spring & Fall campaigns. The aims are to create a healthier and happier community, a more liveable environment by maximizing cycle commuting to work.

This campaign is based a lot on community feelings. It builds upon workplace relationships, social networks and grassroot cycling movements. In Fall 2010 more than 10,000 participants cycled 1,500,000 km on 122,000 occasions, burning 35 million calories, saving 285 tons of CO2 & 32,000,000 Hungarian forints (120,000€) of fuel.

The autumn campaign in 2010 focuses on civil activism. The main message was: Convince your colleges that they should bike to work too! This project could be replicated in places where many commute by car less than10 kms. If distances are greater but a good suburban railway network is available, the project could be replicated with some modifications.


The future of the campaign is decentralization, so we seek to get employers to do more of the organization. The Cycle to work community collected 93,000 Hungarian forints for the damaged ones of red mud catastrophe on the occasion of Cycler-breakfast of Fall campaign. The Cycle to work campaign keeps going with renewed strength in the spring 2011.

The campaign was a part of the Life-Cycle project.

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