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Who We Are

Hungarian Cyclists’ Club (HCC) is the most significant civil organisation in the Hungarian cycling society and affiliated organisation of the European Cyclists' Federation (ECF). Five employees at the office in Budapest coordinate its work. The number of members is continuously increasing, the Club has built up a network of local activist bodies all around the country, and it organises volunteer professionals into working groups for infrastructure, communication, education, etc., thus creating an effective matrix of local and professional knowledge in every field related to cycling. The main goal of its activity is to popularise cycling as a mode of transport, raise its significance, create its culture, and improve its conditions. To achieve this goal, Hungarian Cyclists’ Club is in strategic and professional partnerships with cities and companies countrywide, Budapest being the first and largest partner. As part of this partnership, HCC has consulted the market study conducted in the city, coauthored the Cycling Budapest Strategy, as well as the National Cycling Strategy. HCC's campaigns and events, such as the yearly I Bike Budapest parade with tens of thousands of participants are acknowledged internationally.

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