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Share the Road

There are no cyclist and no car drivers: we are convinced there are only road users! Safety is ensured when all road users pay attention to each other, no matter what mode of transport they happen to use.
We at the Hungarian Cyclists' Club (HCC) had a dream for years to realize a non-cyclist campaign that targets all road users and promotes partnership and the idea to SHARE THE ROAD.
The National Accident Prevention Committe of the National Police Department (ORFK-OBB) comprehended the importance of the issue and supported our initiative. They spearheaded the project and financed it. Other prestigious organisations joined, like the Hungarian Car Club, the Hungarian National Oil Company (MOL), UNIQA Insurrances and the Budapest Center for Transportation (BKK). The number of the project partners justifies the existence of the problem and that the solution is in the interest of many.

The campaign started off with a press event, where all partner organizations participated. Their representatives used a transportation method which was typically the opposite of what their organization stood for (for example MOL arrived by public bike, while the Hungarian Cyclists Club came by car)
Here is a review of the press event with pictures.
Thanks to this event, the campaign kicked-off with a substantial country-wide press coverage.

One of the main media used in the country-wide campaign were citylights with the below creatives.

We had the below TV spot:

We also had a radio campaign, however due to legal agreements with the radio stations we are not allowed to publish them here.

At the Budapest Carfree day, in September 2014 we exhibited our inflatable car and the parking machine. 
The parking machine was meant to promote the minimal distance for safe overtaking. If you could estimate a 1,5 m distance close enough, you could win a small gift. 

Our creative partner is Young & Rubicam.